Public Relations

I am a news room brat. My grandparents started a small-town paper nearly a century ago. My dad worked there, too, so I hung around the place doing odd jobs until it was time to ship off to college.

No surprise, I became a journalist myself. Ink is in my blood.

Then I crossed to the other side — public relations and marketing. I’m telling you this because I think like a reporter and a marketer. I know what sells and how to sell it.

I select my target and I take aim. I guess you could say my brain is wired this way.

The other PR stuff I know how to do are listed below:

Press Releases

Press Conferences

Press Kits

Media Briefings

Media Tours

Public Service Announcements

Satellite Media Tours

Media Training

Presentation Materials

Speech Writing


Internal Communications

Crisis Communications

Cause-Related Marketing

Strategic Alliances

Relationship Marketing

Special Events

Media Events

Mall Tours/Promotions

Trade Shows